Belair High School Clubs and Societies activities take place during regular school hours, at 10:15 am on Wednesdays. Attendance at these activities is compulsory; failure to be in attendance without written excuse from either the nurse, doctor or your parents/guardians will result in the student receiving a detention. Furthermore, attendance at clubs and societies is one of the requirements for a student to graduate from Belair High School.

The following clubs and societies are offered at Belair High School:

  1. Junior Achievement
  2. Debating Society
  3. Science & Environmental club
  4. Band & choir
  5. Interact club
  6. Junior Optimist club
  7. Speech and Drama
  8. Mathematics club
  9. Schools’ Challenge (Quiz) club
  10. Etiquette club
  11. Spanish club
  12. Chess club
  13. 4H club
  14. Art and craft
  15. ISCF
  16. Media club
  17. Tourism Action club
  18. Girl Guides
  19. Film & Book Review club
  20. Red Cross
  21. Jamaica Combined Cadet Force


House System

The student body at Belair High School is divide into four “Houses”, designated by four colour combinations, and are named after past principals of the Manchester-Belair School.

Logan-Thomas: House colour – BLUE. This house was named for Mrs. Logan-Thomas who was an educator, affectionately known as “Miss Mitty”. She operated an Early Childhood institution adjacent to the now Mandeville Market.

Sherlock: House colour – Yellow. The house was named in honour of Sir Philip Sherlock, another great Jamaican educator and poet who taught at our parent school, Manchester high in its early days.

Sleggs: House colour – Red. This house was named in Honour of Mr. Sleggs who was a Headmaster at Manchester High School.

Godfrey: House colour – Green. The house was named in honour of the Godfrey family, entrepreneurs in Mandeville. Mrs. Daisy Godfrey, Matriarch of the family was the a bene-factor.

The primary aim of the House System is to promote co-operation, community, team-ship and a pure competitive spirit. Every new student at Belair High School is randomly placed in a House and remains a member of it for the rest of his/her tenure at the school.