Admissions and Transfers

ntry Requirements

Admission to Belair High School is usually gained through the approved Government Assessment, GSAT, and as of next academic year 2019: PEP. However, a few places may be awarded to students who express their preference for the education offered at Belair High. Due to competition, these spaces are awarded to a few of the top academic performers based on exit examinations or last school report, and those students with special skills and talents, at the discretion of the Principal.


A student who is desirous of transferring to Belair High from an-other high school may be allowed to do so if:

  • Space is available at Belair High.

The student’s transcripts and reports from his current high school show that he/she is sufficiently competent and diligent in academics to succeed at Belair High.

A letter of recommendation from former principal and other relevant documentation is provided as requested and indicate acceptable conduct.

Transfers to Belair High are only valid where approved by the Principal.

Students who wish to transfer out of Belair High must ensure that their parents fulfil the following conditions:

  • Inform the Principal in writing,
  • Turn in all outstanding school material, including rental books
  • Settle all outstanding debt with the school.
  • Complete the withdrawal form