Thank You for choosing Belair High School, one of the most reputable institution to continue/start your high school education, which for many is the most important sojourn of a journey towards total educational development. Your tenure at Belair High will prove to be some of the most exciting and life altering.

Belair High is a cohesive educational community that promotes the academic and social development of all students in a safe, friendly environment. As our Motto states, we aim to build Unity through Friendship and Knowledge.” We have adapted the “Mantra” …Nothing But Greatness”, expecting and holding all stakeholders to high standards.


We are pleased to have you travelling along with us on this journey. Times are changing and the demands on students are increasingly difficult compared to those of a few years ago. Careful planning and a good relationship between the home and school can certainly make your child’s stay at Belair High a very rewarding experience. We look forward to getting to know you and your child, forming life-long partnerships and developing mutual trusts. We encourage ALL parents to get involved with our Parent Teachers Association (PTA) by attending meetings and sharing in plans for school development.

The educational landscape changes quite frequently, demanding innovative and critical thinking to maneuvre the challenges of high school. Despite these sometimes unforeseen challenges we have to work together to find a balance. This balance may seem hard to achieve at times but with some strong parental support and some good advice, the process should run smoothly. Success in high school not only requires some thoughtful planning and commitment, but also a collaborative approach. Hard work and regular attendance are also necessary, but paramount to these is discipline and adherence to rules and regulations. 

Consequently, we need the support of ALL parents in order to achieve success. There are distinct behaviours that are consistent with order, efficiency and the promotion of a healthy conducive environment for learning. We here at Belair High School seek to outline the basic rules by which students are expected to conduct themselves while attending school. These are outlined in our Student Handbook, the contents of which we encourage ALL stakeholders to familiarize themselves.


Belair High boasts a competent and dedicated cadre of faculty members that work hard to ensure the coverage of the National Standards Curriculum (NSC) and Caribbean Examination Council (CXC) curriculum. In addition to the core curriculum, the school also offers gifted and learning support services, such as the Arts, Research Methods, Clubs and Societies and a mandatory Community Service, complemented by a wide selection of extracurricular activities.


Students, Parents/Guardians, we welcome your participation and support during the school year and are anxiously awaiting your equal partnership in providing our children with meaningful educational experiences. Working together is the key to success; so please feel welcome to contact us regarding corrective measures, academic programmes and other school related activities employed in the educational process. We take pride in our relationships with parents and see you as a partner in the important job of educating your children.


We welcome your participation and support during the school year and look forward to celebrating with you the achievements of our students. All the best for a successful tenure at Belair High School.


I look forward to working with you and your children! God bless you.




Mr. Lawrence Rowe J.P.,T.T.D.,B.Sc.,M.Ed.




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Lawrence Rowe - Principal